We are a centre for young writers in Melbourne’s west. Our creative literacy programs support young writers from marginalised communities to expand their imagination, find a voice and become the hero of their own stories.

Here young storytellers express their creativity, inspired by the strange creatures and peculiar happenings on the many levels below our trapdoor. To support their development, we’re putting all levels of our very deep building up for sale.

All donations above $2 are tax deductible.

Cosmic Alert.

A short time ago, a solar wind storm tore through the 100 Story Building. Stardust from the geomagnetic fields has transformed the 99 levels below. Luckily, our crew of courageous young writers set off on a subterranean expedition with our resident artists. The have documented their findings, and present the levels for sale as is.

How to purchase a Level

Step 1

Scroll through the levels and select your favourite

Step 2

Click 'Buy now' and complete your purchase on our Chuffed payment page.

Step 3

Welcome to the building! We'll send your Title Deed and a genuine artefact from your level soon.

By buying a level you'll be supporting the creativity of our young writers, and joining a generous community of imagination investors (and maybe the odd zombie or two).